English summary (Red MACA PRO capsule)

Ashaninka® Red MACAPRO

Dietary supplement capsule containing the extract of Red Maca, Lycopene,

vitamins and trace elements

Net weight: 15.9 g (30 pcs 0,53 g per capsule)

Best before: until the end of (month) (month/year) printed on the bottom of the box

Storage: At room temperature (15-25 °C), keep dry.

Ingredients:, Lycopene (Redivivo ®), alcoholic dry extract of Red Maca (Lepidium meyenii WALP.), gelatine, L-ascorbin acid, zinc-sulphate, rising agent: isomalt), DL-alpha-tocopherol-acetate, anti-caking agent: (micro-cristallised cellulose), stabilizer: (magnesium stearate), colour: (titanium dioxide), pyridoxine-hydrochloride, silicium dioxide, folic acid, natrium selenite, cyanocobalamin.
Red MACAPRO is a dietary supplement developed for middle-aged men and men soon reaching this age. The active ingredients of Red MACAPRO will help to keep the good condition and health of men of this age.
Usage: take 1 capsule a day during meal with one glass of water, in total 1 capsule per day.

Active ingredient expressed in Recommended Daily Allowance:
(1 capsule)

RDA* %

Vitamin C

           80 mg


Vitamin E

           12 mg


Vitamin B6

             1.4 mg


Folic acid             400 µg


Vitamin B12

              2.5 µg



           10  mg


Selenium               50 µg


Lycopene                 8 mg
Extract of the bulb of the Red Maca:

out of which glucosinolate

            100 mg

3 mg

* RDA: amount of daily intake recommended for adults

 The capsule of Red MACAPRO contains the extract of the bulb of Red Maca  (Lepidium meyenii Walp.) grown 4000-4500 m above sea level in the Peruvian Andes. Based on the notes of the chronicles the Inca warriors ate food made of the bulb of the Maca as an energy food before leaving to battles. The consumption of Maca has been connected to fertility and sexuality for centuries by the native Indians (pumpush) living on the Peruvian terraces (Junin).
Lycopene is a colouring agent belonging to the carotenoid family. The red colour plays a significant role in the formation of the colour of a number of vegetables (e.g. tomato) and fruits (e.g. watermelon) but it can also be found in mushrooms and algae and can be produced by artificial synthesis as well.
Vitamins C and E and Zinc and Selenium contribute to the protection of the cells against oxidative stress. Furthermore Zinc plays a role in cell division and the maintenance of normal fertility, reproduction and the normal testosteron level of the blood. Selenium takes part in normal sperm production, Vitamin C in collagen production throug which it helps to keep the normal structure of the vessels. Folic acid combined with Vitamin B6 and B12 playas a role in normal homocysteine metabolism.
Persons sensitive to any of the ingredients of Red MACAPRO  capsule are not suggested to take the product.
Do not take more than the suggested daily dosage!
Dietary supplements do not substitute for balanced, healthy diet and healthy life style! Keep out of reach of children!
Production number: see on the bottom of the box

OÉTInotification number: 6157/2009
Country of origin: Hungary
(National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science (NIFNS))