English summary (Gel)

(Cat’s claw gel)
Registration number: OGYI – 969/2006
Unit of packaging: 50 g/tube


Patient Information

Before you begin to apply this product of curative effect, please read the following patient information carefully.

With this medication obtainable without prescription, You may cure minor transitory complaints without a physician’s supervision. In order to achieve an optimal effect, however, it is crucial that You use this product carefully and to the specified purpose only.
Please keep this Patient Information, as You may need it later on.
A product of curative effect not qualified as a pharmaceutical product; its effect is verified by physicians’ examinations.

Data on the effects

CAT’S CLAW (Uncaria tomentosa (Willd) DC) is a large creeper bush that lives in the rain forests along the Amazon. Its curative powers have been exploited by the Ashaninka Indians for centuries; this plant has been one of the most important elements of their traditional medicine.
Based on the results of research that was started in 1970, the World Health Organisation accepted it as a medicinal herb in 1994. In medicine, the powder made from the inner bark of the plant or its dry extract is used.
Active ingredients of the bark: oxindol alkaloids (POA=penta-cyclical, TOA=tetra-cyclical), triterpenes, kynova-acid derivatives, flavonoid derivatives, polifenols, sitosterols. For medicine, the oxindol alkaloids are the most important active ingredients.

Active ingredient in the product:
Each gram of gel contains 1 mg of oxindole alkaloids, which are added in the form of Uncariae tomentosae (Willd.) D.C. corticis ext. sicc. (12:1) active ingredient with an alkaloid content of at least 3%.

Other ingredients of the product:
Auxiliary materials: cleaned water, ethanol, sodium-hydroxide, carbomers, methyl-parahydroxibenzoate

When is it advisable to use the product?
– To mitigate acute and chronic skin inflammations
– To mitigate skin inflammations around wounds
– Surface gaps of the epidermis, abrasions; to help re-production of cells and growing back of the epidermis
– To mitigate 1st degree burns (sun-burns, household accidents) and resulting skin inflammations
– To mitigate skin inflammation caused by bugs’ bites

When the product must NOT be used:
– In the event of individual over-sensitivity to one of the active or auxiliary ingredients;
– to heal large or serious burns;
– to treat deep, torn, and infected wounds;
– to apply to large wounds.

What you should know before you start to use the product:
If you are not sure whether the gel could be applied, or you are afraid of an over-sensitive reaction, you should test the product by applying a tiny bit (like a pea) to the skin of your forearm.

Can I use the product on children?
Concerning the application of the product to children, no data are available, therefore it is prudent to refrain from using it on children.

Can pregnant women and breast-feeding mums use the product?
Concerning the application of the product in such situations, no data are available, therefore it is prudent to refrain from using it if you are pregnant. Young mothers who breast-feed their babies shall not use the product on and around their breasts.

Is it OK to use the product together with other products?
Externally, you should always use one product at a time.

How and when shall I use the product?
The gel is supposed to be spread on carefully cleaned skin in a thin layer 2-3 times a day. After applying it to the skin, wait for 1-2 minutes for the gel to be absorbed to avoid soiling your clothes (specks will not be removed by washing). Colouring is due to the active ingredient of the gel. This can be seen on the skin surface for a while, but after its application, it can be washed off with water.

For how long shall I use the product?
As long as you need to use it, but no longer than a month. If the symptoms of inflammation are not mitigated after 7 days of treatment or they seem to worsen, turn to your doctor.

What shall I watch out for when using the product?
You shall make sure the product does not get into or around your eyes or to the mucous membrane; if it does, wash it clean with a generous dose of cold water immediately.

What undesired effects may be triggered by the product?
Due to its alcohol content, the gel will cause a slightly burning sensation on damaged skin, which will decrease and disappear within a few minutes. If the burning sensation is intolerable or permanent, wash it off with water. Due to its alcohol content, the gel may make your skin slightly dry after a few days of use, which may in turn result in an itching sensation. In such cases it is advisable to ensure hydrate the skin and to ask for expert opinion (from a pharmacist or a physician).
Allergic skin reaction may occur.

How shall I store the product?
It shall be kept out of the reach of children.
The product shall be stored under 25 degrees Celsius, protected from light.

For how long can I use the Cat’s Claw gel?
The gel can be used before the date of expiry printed on the packaging.

How and where can I purchase the product?
It is available in pharmacies without prescription and in stores selling products of curative effect not qualified as pharmaceutical products.