English summary Cat’s claw (filtered tea blend)

Macskakarom filter tea blend
Registration number: OGYI – 813/2001

Unit of packaging: 25 filter/ box



Patient Information

Before you start taking this paramedical product read carefully the following consumer drug information.

By taking this non-prescription paramedical product you can treat mild, transient complaints without medical supervision. But for optimal effect it is indispensable to apply this product with caution and according to instructions.
Keep this drug information because later on you may need the information it contains.
Effect, attribute: paramedical product.

Cat’s claw – UNCARIA TOMENTOSA (= Uňa de Gato) is one of the most important basic materials of the traditional healing methods of the Ashaninka Indian tribe used for centuries. On the basis of century long user’s experience and the results of medical examinations it slows down and stops inflammatory locomotor disorders.

What does the tea contain?
Content of 1 filter: Uncariae tomentosae cortex sine pericarpii pulvis (powder of the internal bark of the cat’s claw, at least 1.3% oxindol alkaloid content expressed in mitrophyllin, maximum 0.07% tetracyclic oxindol alkaloid content) 700.0 mg, Sambuci flos pulv. (powder of elderflower) 300.0 mg.

Indications to use the tea
Application of the tea is suggested:
–       In itself for treating locomotor disorders and to supplement medication and physiotherapic treatment.
–       As supplementary medication to strengthen the immune system, to improve the defence capability of the body.

–       Individual oversensitivity to the active ingredient,
–       If you have gastrointestinal disorders (suspicion of ulcer or already manifested symptoms), or inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal system (bleeding ulcer, corrosion),
–       If you are taking immunosuppressive medicines or have had organ transplant or are planning to have bone marrow transplantation.

What you should know before using this product
Make sure you do not and are not even suspected to suffer from any of the above described diseases.

Can this tea be used with other medicaments?
No data available.

Can this tea be used during pregnancy and lactation?
No data available for the usage under these circumstances.

When and how to use the tea?
Pour 2-2.5 dl (one cup) of boiling water over 1 filter then cover it and leave it to stand for 10 minutes. It can be consumed with flavours (e.g. honey) or without (if you use 2 or 3 filters you must increase the amount of water to cc. 6-7 dl).
Drink cat’s claw tea made according to suggestion after meals in the suggested dosage.

What is the recommended daily dosage?
–       Adults can drink tea made of 3×1-2 filter daily. But do not drink more tea than 3×3 filters per day.
–       Children over 12 years of age can drink tea made of 2×1 filter.

Can any undesirable effects occur during the use of the tea?
Adverse reactions such as individual oversensitivity and gastrointestinal complaints e.g. epigastric pain, diarrhoea, turgidity and constipation may occur.

How long is application suggested?
Application is suggested in therapeutic course. The period of one course is 1-3 months. Without interruption the tea may be used for 12 moths at the most.

Can the tea be used in old age?
Yes, but only in an amount of 3×1 filter daily.

Can the tea be used with children?
Do not give a child cat’s claw tea under the age of 3!
Children between 3-12 years of age can only use this tea with the supervision of the health care professional. From the age of 12 children can use it in the prescribed dosage.

Does this product affect the ability to drive and use machine?
No data on the effect on the ability to drive and use machine for which reason persons carrying out such activities should start to use the tea in small doses.

Are there any other precautions to consider?
It must not be used after the expiry date indicated on the label.

How to store this product?
–       Keep out of reach of children!
–       This product should be stored at room temperature (between 15-30°C) in a dry place.

If you make your daily dosage of tea at one time, keep the unused tea at a cool place (refrigerator).

Where can you purchase this product?
–       You can purchase this product at the chemist`s, in special stores for paramedicinal products and in stores authorized for retail sales of pharmaceutical products.


Cat’s claw or Savéntaro in Kechua language (meaning: effective) is a high woody vine native to the Amazonas rainforests. Its healing power is one of the most important basic materials of the traditional healing method of the Ashaninka Indian tribe used for centuries.

On the basis of worldwide researches going on since 1970 the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged it as herb in 1994. In medication it is usually the powder or the dry extract of the internal bark of the plant that is used.

Macskakarom tea/filteres tea
Registration number: OGYI – 813/2001 Unit of packaging:25 filter/box